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Almost everyone in Nigeria has unlimited access to a mobile phone, and more so, the majority now have access to phones with advanced functionalities that can meet the demands of successful voice SMS messaging from any reliable voice SMS provider in Nigeria.

These mobile phones afford you the chance to send carefully recorded conversations to a good number of recipients and also be on the receiving end.

However, for this to be worthwhile, you must patronize the service of a reliable voice SMS service in Nigeria, and that’s where 85kobo.com enters the fray.

Who sees the business opportunities that abound with this technological trend? This means that businesses can communicate with a good number of existent and potential clients within the country and worldwide through this platform.

Moreover, If you are enlightened to see the positives in this service of voice SMS in Nigeria, then you are in line for access to the cheapest robocall in Nigeria.

Like we’ll always say, communication is very vital to the growth of businesses and this communication is vital between service providers in various businesses and their clients.

Therefore a reliable robocall service in Nigeria is needed. We have been there and done it all with this technology, and we are here again to ensure that you derive the utmost benefit from voice SMS in Nigeria.

With the recent advancements in Gsm Database technology, a good number of communications platforms have emerged. These platforms have been leveraged by elite firms who saw the positives in them and they’ve blossomed with these technologies.

It is important to note that we at 85kobo have played an integral part in the major successes that have been enjoyed by these elite institutions who saw the benefits of the service ahead of their peers. Apart from being a pioneer of voice sms in Nigeria, We have also played major role in stabilizing the price for Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Our work with a good number of these highly reputable organizations as seen in our testimonials speaks volumes, and hopefully, you become one of them and provide us with a genuine testimonial due to the utility you’ll derive from our optimal voice SMS service delivery.

Although a good number of businesses and individuals alike have not taken advantage of these platforms, they must understand that it’s never too late.

Therefore, 85kobo has emerged as one if the reliable robocall companies in Nigeria to shine the light on the possibilities that abound with the usage of these technologies.

One such platform is the Voice SMS service or sometimes referred to as robocall is a pre-recorded call conversation which can be sent to one recipient or multiple recipients at once.

As a major robocall company in Nigeria, our voice SMS platform offers you the luxury of communicating a voice message to a good number of people at once without having to stressfully call them individually.

With our reliable robocall and voice SMS service, you get access to the cheapest robocall in Nigeria as well as a user-friendly platform where you can upload your conversation.

After the upload, you then input the number of recipients the message is meant for and proceed to send. Subsequently, after the message has been sent, the recipients will receive a call from your registered phone number with the recorded conversation as though you had called each of them from your telephone.

That’s the beauty of patronizing one of the major reliable voice SMS providers in Nigeria.
Where does yhis come in handy? Have you been in a situation where you must send an important info and you are not able to type or send an SMS?

Or do you wish to send a congratulatory message to a person with your unique voice in an emotionally or extraordinary way?

Then you must opt for the Voice SMS service from 85kobo. As a bulk voice SMS service company in Nigeria, we provide you with a reliable voice SMS platform that eliminates all the aforementioned challenges, ensuring that you reach your goal of relaying information.

Our Voice SMS service ensures that you’ll be in touch with your clients on a regular basis. You’ll have the luxury of ending market information to a good number of them in real time to attract an instant action from them.

You can reach a targeted audience based on thorough market analysis and make them aware of the products and services you have to offer. Leverage Voice broadcasting services for activities such as alerts on loan payment information; ideal for financial organizations.

You can leverage our Voice Broadcasting platform for political campaigns also, You’ll have the benefit of sending reminders to votes you’ve campaigned to.

We offer pocket-friendly packages and it’s one of the reasons why we could easily pass for the cheapest bulk sms provider in Nigeria.

You can use our platform to make your clients aware of recent marketing trends and advertising activities as a company. All this and many more can be actualized in various industries through our reliable Voice Call Solution.

Robocalls in Nigeria have never been this reliable and easy. That’s a guarantee from https://www.85kobo.com. Visit our registeration page and signup now.

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