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Many have seen Nigeria as a country where the masses lack many options through which they can settle their electricity bills and get power flowing steadily in their infrastructure.

However, if you seek a platform where a solution on how to pay electricity bills is proffered, then you are in the right place.

Constant electricity supply has been a major challenge to Nigeria as a country, and more so channels through which masses can pay for the electricity they consume over a stipulated period.

This is true, but we’ve moved ahead of others to provide Nigerians with the answers on how to make PHED prepaid payments via the internet. You no longer need to find the nearest Kiosk that sells Recharge Cards

PHCN is the major supplier of electricity in Nigeria, and they demand that their customers located nationwide must pay up their bills regularly to ensure that their equipment can be properly maintained to keep the power supply steady.

Therefore, if anyone is at a loss on how to make phed prepaid online payment and pay electricity bills with ease from anywhere, then 85kobo offers you the platform.

Numerous reports have emerged and have also revealed that a good number of Nigerians decline to pay their bills as demanded. There are many possible reasons for this. Particularly people in Rivers state, choose phcn prepaid meter online payment over manual billings.

Most people do not have the time to go around PHCN offices to pay their electricity bills. Especially in places like Ikeja in Lagos state. ikeja electric complaints has always been the inability of their customers to recharge their ikedc prepaid meter using recharge Pins.

ikedc bill payment is now super easy with us. If you stay around Ikeja in Lagos state, You no longer need to border ikedc customer care for questions on how to recharge ikeja electric prepaid meter. Just open an account with us and fund your fund your wallet and you are ready to go.

It’s a no-brainer that making payments or carrying out transactions online is easier these days and can be done by anyone. Even someone in Benin using Pay Your BEDC PostPaid, can easily Pay BEDC electricity bill through our portal using the bedc online payment option.

All you need is a mobile device and internet access. offers you this extra functionality including purchase of data bundles as well as paying for your TV Subscription

A good number of Nigerians have claimed that these payments made by hand do not correlate with the quantity of electricity they’ve consumed in relation to their electric meters. This has led to complaints and scams and this issue has to be sorted out.

This is one of the major reasons why a channel through which this payment can be made seamlessly and without any major challenges, and that’s why we have identified this problem, and also proffer a solution that will ensure that all parties are satisfied after any transaction is made.

Before we proceed, these questions are vital and the answers are guaranteed by 85kobo. Are you looking for how to pay electricity bills online? Do you want information on prepaid meter online recharge?

Do you want to know to pay PHED bill online? Are you facing challenges on how to recharge prepaid electricity meter online? Do you want to make PHED prepaid payment online?

If these questions identify your needs in relation to prepaid meter online recharge and on how to pay electricity bill online, then you have arrived at a reliable solution with 85, You can carry out aedc online payment on our site within 2minutes., over the years has been known as the leading provider of bulk sms in Nigeria and with the advent of cashless payment, we now offer you a safe and reliable option to on how to pay PHED bill online. With us, you get informed on how to pay electric bills online. Take advantage of our reliable platform and be derive maximum utility from our services.

Take advantage of 85kobo’s platform for prepaid meter online recharge. With us, getting your money’s worth by paying for what you consume will no longer be a challenge. Our platform will ensure that you don’t get conned into paying more for lesser than you consume.

Use our platforms! visit to Take advantage and enjoy the benefits of our electric bills payment option. if you are wondering how to pay phed bill online, fill free to contact us for help.

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  • DND Delivery
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